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The essential dichotomy structuring the Visibility body of work is, non-being on the one side, and visibility, on the other.

VISIBILITY is a treatise on identity, and a visual art body of work which contains illustrations of what I perceive to be aspects of a false self, or non-being, as opposed to being visible as one’s true self, in being.

Being visible is to be one’s true individuating self, and to be invisible is to be in conformity as a false self, with a fixed identity.

A truthful self is, in my opinion, and in summary, truthful toward the psychological integrity of one’s own and other’s individuation projects.

Labyrinths and mazes


In working with the false self and its possible causes – I use mazes or the maze as visual analogy. Let me explain why. Mazes serve to keep explorers of mazes in confusion as to the whereabouts of the centre. Explorers thus never reach the centre, as is the intended function of the maze – to protect the centre (Cirlot, 2001). When lost in a maze, one is therefore metaphorically speaking not in one’s centre, and astray somewhere in the outskirts of misunderstanding. Similarly can a metaphysical belief system do just that – instead of serving as ideological vessel to connect one’s Psyche to the Cosmos, can a belief system estrange one from the Cosmos and deprive one of one’s own direct and unmediated immediate experience of Life and keep one out of one’s centre. I use the maze as -ism a lot in this body of work as metaphor of dislocation and self loss.
The labyrinth on the right, in peculiar contrast, facilitates only one single journey, and that is to the center; a metaphor for individuation (Kern, 2000).

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