Brand Design Questionnaire

Brand Design Questionnaire

A brand is an archetype, simply put and ideally speaking. A way to engage more effectively with potential clientele is to use human psychological archetypes in our brand communications to engender stronger human connections. When the archetype permeates all brand communications the voice is singular and the branding is focused. View the 12 common archetypes here.

The first step in brand design is to define the archetype, once we have that, we can create the brand persona which is the visible manifestation of an intangible, but archetypal reality; the (almost palpable) presence of a person. A brand persona acts as a mediator between a service provider and a customer by displaying the brand persona as the brand promise (the brand persona is also the brand promise) to brand users, which, over time becomes an instilled perception of expectations. A brand user can thus expect to engage with an archetypal reality when intermeshed in the brand sphere where the brand is based on a single archetype. When expectations are met over time, you build trust. With brand trust you get loyalty, with loyal customers through time, you get equity. Once you have equity, you’re made.

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