Pencil sketch



Title: Non-enteeism

Medium: Pencil sketch with Design Ebony graphite pencil on BFK Rives paper with deckled edges.

Description: A non-entity is (in my view) a person that is not true to him or herself, and lives deterministically as defined by his or her social context, as opposed to his or her individuation process. These four non-entities are brought to the foreground and depicted as cardboard cutouts – illustrating the shallowness of their personal integrity. The lines of the maze of their larger social context which they conformed to can be seen on their cardboard bodies as a form of tattooing that reveals the extent of their conformity. They have succumbed to non-enteeism. Non-entities are dissimilar to (the entrepreneurial meme of) creative cells which break free from their context and then return home from their shamanic quest in order to integrate into their original context a new attribute that was seen missing from the whole, such as a work of literature or business idea. My goal is to inspire a conformant to move out of conformity and become visible for who he or she inherently is, for the sake of humanity.

Size: Roughly A3 in width (sold unframed)

Year: 2016