Web design quote

Web design quote questionnaire

these can include the brand name, your mission statement, and your vision
this can be a simple one-pager
if a comprehensive list is too much, just gove a broad overview
you can use these as frameworks: age, gender, income, interests
examples include: to build awareness, serve as a point of contact, sustain image, market and sell, to make bookings, to build brand loyalty and /or to promote products and services
examples include: visual style guide/ ci manual, logo, business card, letterhead, RGB colours, typeface(s)
if so, please list the email addresses that you need and their passwords (you can change this later)
content examples include graphics such as logo and banners or advertisements, illustrations, copy (text) such as product descriptions and about us descriptions and client testimonials, company photography, stock photography, video.
professional typefaces go from R700 - R1000 per font style. If you already bought the typeface or font style, please provide the web licence for this font as well, Google bots replaces unlicenced fonts with standard free fonts
Examples include, Home, About, Services, Products, Contact.
5K for a basic site, 8-10K for a decent site, 10-14K for an e-commerce site; prices in South African Rand (R)
maintenance includes: doing updates on themes and plugins, changing themes, adding new features such as a contact page, implementing ongoing changes such as adding a new product line or updating photos
examples include: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, at request